Fera Presents: Surf & Turf 

Fera is a love letter to the British outdoors. We want everyone to seek their wild, whether that’s an off the grid adventure to a distant corner or simply a day on a river bank with your mates before heading to the local. As a brand, we take our inspiration from the joys of our wild places and countryside. Fera is a ceaseless desire for adventure, all with a loving nod to all the weird and wonderful charms that make our countryside so unique.

Tough and functional, we are driven by the desire for rugged gear that looks good forever. The recipe is as simple as that. We were founded by passionate outdoorsmen and we want to give back to nature wherever we can. Beyond our commitment to make clothes that are made to last, we donate 5% from every order (not just the profit) to conservation charities and projects that are helping to protect
our wild.

Weaving into the folklore of the future, Fera are the clothes to wear when you’re ready to discover the real British outdoors and all of its bonkers and bucolic charms. We are here to have fun with it, to kit you out, and to champion our great outdoors. Feragb.com

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