Blake Mill

Clothes are part of our identity. They are an expression of our true selves and a reflection of our personality. While most people follow the crowd, British men’s fashion designer, Blake Mill, makes shirts for men who want to stand out. They are reinventing men’s fashion, turning an ordinary shirt into wearable art, through thoughtful and innovative design. 

Taking inspiration from the world around us and bringing to life stories with bright, bold and beautiful prints, Blake Mill makes shirts to suit every personality. From Japanese flowers to the map of the world, you can dress the part from head to toe in a selection of wearable art that will transform the way you feel (just check out the Renaissance Genius Shirt and Artistic Fancy Shirt).

Founded by three friends, Steve French, Ross French and Ken Price, with a passion to disrupt the men’s fashion industry by making high quality dress shirts for people who want to express their individuality through clothes. 

The trio have steered clear of the normal run-of-the-mill shirt and put their creative vision into prints that will get you hot under the collar – and they feel as great as they look. Made from 100% premium cotton, with each seam, line and stitch purposefully placed to ensure they look as good after the 100th wash as they did on day one. 

Sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of the business too. Blake Mill ensures their products are ethically produced through safe production and near net zero non-recyclable material usage. 

They are also members of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association as well as other organisations that represent great business behaviour.

Popular with celebrity clients like Ollie Smith (BBC) Joe Elliott (Def Leppard lead singer), Seb Morris (race car driver), James Tindale (MTV) and Marty Mckenna (MTV). 

Blake Mill provides a stylish, unique and diverse look for every walk of life.What makes Blake Mill different (apart from its daring shirts), is that they have a customer focused mindset, which has enabled them to thrive, tailoring their products to align with their clients demands. Their intimate and continuous connection with their customers has enabled them to successfully create fashion that speaks to each person. 

They have created a community. A movement of men who dare to dress differently. Each time a customer buys a Blake Mill shirt, they’re choosing the story they want to tell, the path they want to walk. It’s freedom of speech. Reserved only for men who want to stand out.With something to suit every style, one thing you won’t be short of is choice. And conversation! and at Heathcliff Menswear, Ramsbottom and Ashes Menswear, Bournemouth.

Prices start at £90.